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A great wine at a fair price was our motto for 30 years.

In 1978 we created Rosenblum Cellars from the sweat of our brows, the cheapest fruit we could find and a 600 square foot building in West Oakland, California that rented for $120.00 month. We produced 400 cases of wine that year and 2 years later when we released it only our friends came to buy it. We weren't too worried, our philosophy was a good wine at a great price (our 1978 cabernet sold for $4.50). Our very first retailer in those days (Trumpetvine Wines) described our chardonnay as the only appropriate wine you could drink for Passover. Those cheeky boys were on to something.

Fast forward to 2009 (Quantum Leap?) Having spent 30 plus years crafting wines of many colors, this instilled in me a love of one grape over all others: cabernet sauvignon. When we sold Rosenblum Cellars it provided an opportunity to try my hand in a new way: Quantum 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Crafted in extremely small lots (only 86 cases produced in 2009) this wine oozes deep purple hues with aromas of cassis, chocolate, black cherries and cedar leading to flavors of blackberries, blueberries ans herbs.


We use French oak barrels which, among other things, involves the interaction of air, wine, and wood. Controlled oxidation promotes decreased astringency and increased color stability. Wine extracts volatile flavor and aromatic components from the oak, which further enhances the oenoleptic profile of the wine. French oak imparts subtle components of the European species of oak, Quercus Robur and Quercus Sesils which have a tighter grain than American oak. The wine also extracts components from the barrels such as wood sugars, oak lignins, wood tannins, and oak-lactones to name a few of the barrel’s components which all serve to enhance the wine's complexity.


My wines are filtered to prevent any possibility of refermentation, microbiological spoilage, or premature oxidative spoilage problems: my guarantee the wine will be good from the day it goes into the bottle until the day it is uncorked.