What Is The Importance Of Lease Agreement

The benefits of a written lease are numerous and usually benefit the landlord. As a rule, it is the landlord who has a written lease that the tenant can sign. Thus, the owner is in a strong position to dictate more favorable “conditions per owner”. For example, the lease may allow for the recovery of the winning party`s attorney`s fees. In the absence of a written lease with a lawyer`s fee clause, most illegal detention actions result in each party paying its own attorney`s fees, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. There are many other “pro-landlord” terms that should be included in a written lease, such as.B. issues that govern tenant behavior and cleaning and filing, to name a few. At RentMaster, our legal experts keep abreast of any legislative changes and new court decisions that may affect the future relationship between tenants and landlords, and as such, you can be guaranteed a watertight lease. And beyond that, it`s part of the service we offer, and you don`t pay extra for it. Remember, if that sounds way too intimidating, you can always hire us to help you create a watertight lease. and we guarantee that your rent will be on your bank account the first of the month! It`s a good idea to think of the lease as a living document that you can update and modify if problems arise.

Remember that any changes you make must be made in writing and signed by both parties. There are two main laws that affect RentMaster`s leases: the Rental Housing Act, which focuses specifically on the rights of tenants and landlords; and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), which should protect the rights of the consumer – or in this case the tenant. When creating a lease, it should be borne in mind that everything provided for in the law always takes precedence over anything you might specify in your contract. .