Wattpad Wedding Agreement Bab 15

“I`ve never been married.” Lisa`s answer certainly surprised Anisa, but it didn`t take long for Anisa to smile sympathetically. “Hmmm.” The dance is always busy admiring the slackening underneath. Bian saw that there was a suitcase in the living room. Who is coming? Bian asked in his heart. Are Pakde and Bude coming back? Bian winked and tried to adjust his eyes to the surrounding light. He focused his eyes. “Dance?” he exclaimed doubtfully as he was fully conscious. He lifted her body and rested on her elbow. “Are you thinking about it here?” Is it time to let go of your husband and abandon him? “Isn`t that clear? They brought all the jewelry to pay for the shortage. It`s just that I don`t know what you`re doing with this guy there. I was surprised when I saw the nickname on my phone.

Lisa was devastated, she felt that it was the destruction of her life that made her think of ending her life immediately, but of course, it didn`t happen. . It`s very touching for the story of being Baper. I want his novel donq. Let`s say, let`s say the truth about how we may be united when it is no longer possible for the rain to cool our hearts. “Mah, Adrian why?” I ask now that it is really khawaatir. “Ah, it seems like I know what your problem is now.” Raka walked forward two steps, crossing his hands in front of his chest. “The butler told me everything, he found an empty jewelry shadow lying on your bed. I also checked the CCTV in this room after hearing the report.