Residential Lease Agreement For Apartment Or Unit In Multifamily Rental Housing

The tenant must pay the rent at the time and place described in the tenancy agreement (s. 83.46). The statute does not set a specified courtesy period. 2 Apartment or unit rental in an apartment building (excluding duplex) including a mobile home FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (FOR A TERM NOT TO EXCEED ONE YEAR) (DO NOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURAL OR OTHER PROPERTIES) WARNING: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ ALL LEASE CAREFULLY. IMPORTANT LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. AN ASTERISK OR A BARE SPACE () MENTIONS A COMMISSION WHERE A CHOICE OR DECISION MUST BE MADE BY THE PARTIES. NO CHANGE OR ADDITION TO THIS FORM CAN BE UNLESS A LAWYER IS CONSULTANT. I. TERM AND PARTIES. It is a lease (“lease”) for a period of 12 months (the “lease term”), based on [number] [month, day, year] and ends between [month, day, year] [name of property owner] and (in the lease agreement, the owner, whether one or more, the name or names of the person (s) to whom the property is leased] is referred to as “owner.” All persons to whom the property is leased are designated as “tenants.”) II. RENTED PROPERTY. The renter rents the apartment tenant No in the building under [street address] known as, Florida [apartment name] [city] [postcode] with the following furniture and appliances: III.

[List all furniture and appliances on. If there is no, write “none.”] (In the lease agreement, the rented property, including furniture and equipment, if any, is referred to as “the premises.”) COMMON AREAS. The landlord grants the tenant permission to use with others the common areas of the building, which are being developed as a room. IV. RENTS AND FEES. The tenant pays the rent of the premises in increments of $ on the first day of each month (a “rental period” as used in the tenancy is one month if the rent is paid monthly, and one week if [month, week] the rent is paid each week.) The tenant pays, with each rent payment, all taxes levied by the tax authorities on the rent. The amount of taxes payable on the start date of the lease is an N BILL for each tranche. The amount of each phased payment plus taxes (“the rental payment”) at the time the rent starts is set at usd. The landlord will notify the tenant if the amount of the tax changes. The tenant must pay the rent and all other fees to be paid in cash, with a cheque or payment order as part of the tenancy agreement.

The lessor can appoint a broker who will withdraw the rent and fulfill the lessor`s obligations. Rents must be paid in advance/late (check one) start of withdrawal. [Date] – SEE DEPOSITS, ADVANCE RENT, AND LATE CHARGES. In addition to the rents described above, the tenant must pay the VI. Below: (check only the items that apply) a security deposit of an amount of . Provisional rents equal to $1,000 for the rent periods to be paid at the signing of the lease. a pet bond amounting to $, payable at the signing of the lease. late rental fees of $ for each lease payment made more than 3 days after the due date. cheque fees of less than usd (no more than $20.00 or 5% of the rental payment, depending on the highest amount) if the tenant pays rent with a bad cheque. If the tenant makes a lease payment with a bad cheque, the landlord may require the tenant to pay all future rental payments in cash or in order of payment.