Heiltsuk Reconciliation Agreement

The video of the reconciliation process is available here for the media: www.hirmd.ca/reconciliation.html general information and photos of today`s signature are available here: bit.ly/30Ym9T4 For Hazazaqv, these four house posts are not only designed to support the community. They must keep the promise of reconciliation with Canada and help eliminate the socio-economic imbalances caused by colonization. “This historic agreement with the Heiltsuk Nation is tangible evidence of the Canadian government`s commitment to reconciliation. We share common values such as the preservation and protection of our oceans and fisheries. This agreement provides a way forward for the Heiltsuk Nation`s fisheries for today and for future generations. The reconciliation agreement provides for an investment of $36.96 million through a three-year contract to achieve the priorities of the post-community chamber of: self-administration; Housing and infrastructure Economic development and the revitalization and preservation of the language. BELLA BELLA, BEFORE JESUS CHRIST, 25 July 2019 /CNW/CNW/ – Today, Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous Relations of the Crown, Chief Marilyn Slett and Hereditary Nation, W`gv`ba-W`kas, Harvey Humchitt Sr. Heiltsuk Yimas, has taken another step towards reconciliation by drawing the Inkementelle Agreement. Slett said there was no word to reconcile in Hazaqv`s language, so they called it HaĆ©c`stut, which means “to return something and do it right.” Mr. Slett said that the creation of the agreement was laborious for three years. She said it can be difficult to keep up with the agreement if there are challenges in other communities, such as insufficient water in Attawapiskat, or if RCMP attacked a wet`suwet`en checkpoint in January that blocked access to the Coastal Gaslink pipeline project. The House Post`s priorities refer to the Heiltsuk (Bighouse), currently under construction in Bella Bella.

The Heiltsuk use the metaphor of the pillars (Bighouse) when they name each subject to negotiate to maintain the promise of reconciliation with Canada.