Franchise Agreement Sample For Bakery

A. Initial deductible fees. At the same time as you are executing this agreement, you are paying us an initial deductible in the amount listed in Schedule A (“Original Franchise Fee”). You acknowledge and accept that the original deductible tax was paid to you against our grant of this deductible, that it was fully earned at the time of the defunding and that it is not refunded for any reason. You wish to receive assistance, training and a deductible for the operation of an outlet in accordance with the provisions and on the site of the area covered by this agreement. You have also had the opportunity to have full advice, by the board of your choice, on the terms of this agreement. B. You have billed all remaining accounts to HOB, and you and each investor on your part, the franchisee, have entered into a general release of HOB and all HOB principles of all claims that may be filed by you or a principle of that agreement in the State of California and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California and all applicable federal laws and state franchise. You accept jurisdiction in San Luis Obispo, California. Directors, shareholders, directors, beneficiaries and/or contractors of you, the franchisee, and anyone controlled by you, control or are under joint control with you. C.

Renovation of franchised Cafe. Major structural changes, major transformations and renovations, as well as significant modifications to existing facilities and improvements to modernize and adapt the Cafes franchised in the frame of the new franchise and business-Corner Bakery system are required at our request (but not more often than every 5 years). Capital expenditures required to repair and maintain the franchise site are not subject to the time limits specified in the sentence above. Within 60 days of receiving our written communication on the necessary modernization, prepare and prepare plans and plans for the necessary modernization. These drawings and plans must be presented and approved by us before work begins. They must complete the necessary modernization within the time frame that we reasonably stated in our written submission. 1. The purchaser is a current franchisee who has a good reputation in the system or (1) You agree to use, in your marketing efforts, the marketing materials that we make available to you at your expense depending on the way and frequency we require. You must submit to us at the old for prior approval all marketing plans, written documents and all models of any marketing, pre- and promotional materials that have not been created or approved by us and that differ from our standard marketing, pre- and promotional materials. If you choose to work with a marketing agency, you must obtain our written consent to that Agency, which we may, at our sole discretion, respect before signing contracts or sharing confidential information (as defined in Section 17.B) with the Agency.

20.5 The purchase and sale in this section will be completed as soon as possible. After the delivery of a letter of intent in accordance with paragraph 20.4, HOB or our external contractor has the right to take possession of the outlet and to continue and develop the franchise business to the exclusive benefit of HOB or its agent. (3) You agree at all times to respect faithfully, honestly and carefully, your obligations under this Agreement, that you will continually strive to promote and improve the activities of the franchised coffee, and that you will not operate any other stores or activities that may conflict with your obligations under this Agreement, with the exception of the operation of other Corner Bakery coffees or other restaurants that are bound by CBC or our franchises.