Expat Clause Tenancy Agreement Netherlands

Characters Rental Contract Model A Target Group: an investor with 1 or more real estate who, in principle, does not want to live himself in the house Permanent contract: usually starts with 1 year, then for an indeterminate period by the tenant: yes, per calendar month after the end of the firm period (usually 1 year) appointment by the owner Yes, after the first fixed period. But termination is difficult and only for good reasons (z.B. does not pay the tenant, the tenant causes harassment etc.) If the tenant has rental protection: Yes, all the tenant can have the number of points checked by the tenant committee: Yes, up to 6 months after the start of the lease, the Dutch rental right is complicated, and a tenant often enjoys a large protection. Perhaps even more than what we recognize as an owner. So you need to determine in advance which contract form best fits your situation. According to the Dutch Civil Code, “rent is the agreement by which one party, the lessor, agrees to another party, the tenant, to give him the use of a property or property for which the tenant agrees to compensate.” The lessor must terminate the lease at the end of the agreed term (not before). The fixed-term lease does not automatically end. However, in order for the landlord to actually return to the property, the tenant must consent to the termination. Otherwise, the landlord must ask the court for permission (request the cancellation of the rent and the eviction of the house). Such a procedure can take a long time.

Once a price has been agreed orally with a potential buyer for your property, an official pre-sale contract or koopovereenkomst (sales contract) must be established. Your real estate agent will usually arrange this in collaboration with a lawyer or notary. The buyer and seller usually use the same notary, as this saves fees and paperwork. Both parties are required to sign and the buyer has three days to resign without penalty. At the end of this three-day period, the lawyer obtains the contract of sale and sets a completion date.